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Message Machine

Why do nine out of ten startups fail? Why do some founders attract funding, top talent and dream customers? What’s the one skill investors universally recommend entrepreneurs improve, in order to increase their companies’ odds of success? 
More often than not, the answer is communications. 

In this actionable yet timeless must-read, Jag and Oliver give founders the unfair advantage they are looking for. Based on decades of experience and hundreds of interviews, this is the ultimate blueprint to becoming an unstoppable founder.

From developing an irresistible story for growth to gaining visibility in crowded markets and attracting and retaining top talent, founders will learn how to use communication skills to take advantage of the massive opportunities ahead.




Oliver Aust

Oliver Aust is an entrepreneur and leading expert on communications and thought leadership. Drawing from his experience helping to build a multi-billion-dollar company, as well as writing the international bestseller “Unignorable” and hosting the category-defining podcast Speak Like a CEO, he has helped hundreds of founders to build outstanding personal brands and businesses. He has frequently been at the frontline of some of the most high-profile reputational challenges in the business world and has given hundreds of media interviews as chief communicator for a fast-growing venture.

Jag Singh

Jag Singh

Jag Singh is an accomplished entrepreneur, and one of Europe’s most active early-stage investors. As a Partner at Angel Invest Ventures in Berlin, he coaches founders after investing into their companies. He previously built several tech startups, with exits in 2007 and 2009. Until recently, he was a Managing Director at Techstars, an operational investment fund supporting founders on their entrepreneurial journey from idea to IPO. Jag also has over a decade of experience in politics and campaign strategy, serving as a trusted advisor to US presidential campaigns as well as UK and pan-European politicians and campaign groups. In 2008, Jag was recognized as one of the top 100 influential people in British politics and in 2018 the Financial Times named him to the Top 100 minority leaders in technology.